preventing Road Accident with LUMA IOT and Sensor .

In Cambodia and around the world, commercial trucks account for a very large portion of road traffic and road accident.

We can provide government and logistic company to continuous monitoring and auditing of vehicle fleets in real-time views and live tracking of each vehicle and driver driving behavior. and This will allow logistic company have a very accurately measure the performance of commercial vehicles.


using IOT to understand driving behavior

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Monitoring the driver behavior is one of the ways to prevent the fatal accidents and it is necessary to alert the driver, When the distraction and drowsiness of the driver have been important factors for a large number of major accidents.

Hopefully, this problem can be address by the Internet of Things (IOT) and Smart Map and someday this will become inherent part of every aspect of our lives.

The right implementation of IOT can mitigate risks prevent damage and reduce cost from traffic accident and save lives.

The use the smart connected sensors combine with local information can generate a very powerful tool and can enable us to gather all necessary information so we can predict and reach decision that will make our roads safer.

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