Expertise by Industry

We build our solutions base on our industry expertise and experience. Each and every solutions are are perfectly craft as per vertical industry.


Fuel Control | Driving Behavior | Truck Preventive Maintenance | ECO Driving

Provide the most completed logistics solution through variety of products and services for every business scales to maximize cost effective & utilization of resources

Hardware – Software – Local Map – Local Data – Service Consultant

We had spend years on developing our own Cambodia Digital Map with very precise local information including traffic navigation, turn by turn road information which is ready for your logistic and delivery team to utilize.

Full fleet management available as a software as service, web base, mobile app for iOS and Android.


Airport & aero-space

Stay competitive and delivering the best result by running Airport & Aerospace operations with smoothly integrated system and to execute on time and within budget.


Digital government administration

Today's governments are clearly recognizing the profound need to transform their organizations through a mix of digital technologies and strategies designed to accelerate their operations.

Forward-thinking organizations prioritize strategies, policies, and workflows enabling them to make data-driven decisions, maintain awareness of community activities, and stay connected. Effective, smart communities apply a hub approach connecting people with information and technology to improve quality of life, innovation, and better choices.    


Smart City for smart community

To reach today’s hyper-connected citizens, agencies need to adopt the same mindset. They must embrace innovative platforms and modern tools to deliver appealing, innovative services while also offering parallel solutions to those lacking digital access.