Do you dream to do meaningful work in a creative and inspired environment & community?  Are you willing to work day & night? Less sleep & Support by Energy Drink? The Work will not be easy, but if you archive it, the reward will be priceless.


Business development executive

The business development executive may do any, or all, of the following: work with the existing products/services to find new channels and markets for distribution; research and recommend new products/services; explore and negotiate acquisitions of other companies.

Find ways to sell more products/services to new and existing customers by adjusting current systems and marketing approaches; explore and stay abreast of competition in an attempt to find and maintain a competitive edge.


Java Script & Programming

A JavaScript developer is responsible for implementing the front-end logic that defines the behavior of the visual elements of a web application. A JavaScript developer is also responsible for connecting this with the services that reside on the back-end. They are usually supported by back-end web developers, who are responsible for server-side application logic. JavaScript developers often work alongside other front-end web developers who specialize in markup and styling.

Even though a JavaScript developer typically works on the front-end, the programming language itself is not limited to front-end use only.


social media & community manager

Social Media Manager is responsible for day-to-day management of our LUMA System community across all social media channels. This individual will post contents, ensure timely responses, manage social media program and make sure the brand voice is carried out across all social media. The role will report on all social media analytics and deliver standard analysis and reporting of day-to-day posts, campaigns and social listening sphere. The goal is to evolve our content storytelling, increase our earned media marketing technique for LUMA System while maximizing our social voice and increasing our fans engagement and loyalty. 


Project Manager

The job of a project manager is to plan and oversee all aspects of a project, and to meet the project’s goals on time and within budget. It will require you to organise people, tasks and resources to bring about a successful conclusion.

Projects take many forms, from network & cabling, AV & Visual System, ERP, Data Centre, Fully Integrated IT Infrastructure, to installing a computer network or conducting an advertising campaign.

Traditionally the role of project our manager has been associated with industries like construction, hotel, retail/eCommerce, Government, Airport Project and engineering.